Our Products

Our first product was the sweet lemon ricotta zeppole made popular on the food truck Go Streatery. Fried freshly to order, these doughnuts are made with flour, polenta and mild ricotta cheese for a dreamy pillowy texture. 

To expand our offerings, we developed accompanying dipping sauces to enhance our already delicious sweet zeppole. We currently feature the following handmade sauces:

  • vanilla bean creme fraiche
  • earl grey chocolate ganache
  • house-cultured butter caramel
  • seasonal dipping sauces such as blackberry stout, brown butter rhubarb, apricot almond, and cran-pear-y spice

Riffing on our original recipe , we created a tantalizing savory zeppole option for those customers who just don't have a sweet tooth. Our savory zeppole currently features green onion, garlic, parmesan cheese, and smoked salt (bacon also available). We pair our savory zeppole with a creamy harissa sauce which incorporates roasted red peppers with North African spices for a bit of a kick. 

We also feature handmade beverages including our signature lavender lemonade, other seasonal lemonades such as strawberry-watermelon, Italian cream sodas, and can provide hot beverage service upon request.

Our products are always handmade with the highest quality ingredients possible. We source everything from our flour to our chocolate to our spices locally and organically as much as possible. We are also committed to sustainability. Our zeppole batter is prepped on-site and everything is cooked to-order thus wasting as little as possible. 

Photo by Carolyn Edgecomb

Photo by Carolyn Edgecomb