Our Story

Girl Friday Zeppole is owned and operated by longtime friends DanVy Vu and Emily Nathon. In December 2014, while sharing notes about the ups and downs of running various food businesses, the two hatched an idea to collaborate. 

Growing up together in Southern California, DanVy was jokingly referred to as the fourth Nathon sister due to her ongoing presence in Emily's household. The youngest Nathon daughter got her first taste of food vending while selling concessions at high school swim meets while watching her older sisters and DanVy compete, but she's come a long way from peddling Fritos and Snickers! When Emily moved to San Francisco in early 2012, she and DanVy often connected over their two careers in the artisanal food world and were never quite sure if they would one day intersect.

Drawing inspiration from the lemon ricotta zeppole that DanVy began serving on her East Bay-based food truck Go Streatery years before (where you can still find them now), the two decided to build a dedicated zeppole brand and expand their offerings to include savory zeppole, a variety of handmade dipping sauces, and seasonal artisanal beverages. 

Why zeppole, you ask? When DanVy met her husband, she learned that his Italian-American family loved these little fried treats, and DanVy put a fresh spin on the dessert, incorporating ricotta cheese into the batter and topping them with lemon zest. The result is a doughnut that's the perfect balance of fluffy and dense, with a semi-firm outer shell and a pillowy interior. Dressed simply with powdered sugar and zest, these little doughnuts are a delicious and unique treat that are adored by Bay Area food lovers.